Born 1913. Lost in Bermuda Triangle 1973.
Fascinated by mermaids, Tikis and the South Seas.
Great mariner, oceanographer and shipwreck explorer.

Welcome aboard the Shipwreck Tavern, where the hidden treasures of the
oceans are on display. Opened in 1965 by famed oceanographer and
shipwreck explorer, Captain Barrett Bay, the Tavern's unique design was
created to showcase Bay's vast collection of salvaged cargo from sunken
vessels thought lost forever under the seas. The Tavern is also home to the
Captain's family of pet eels, sharks and other exotic fish as well as his good
luck charm - a parrot named "Davey Jones".

Sailing the world's waterways aboard his specially designed ship
"The Ondine", Captain Bay has discovered traces of actual mermaids,
sighted the fabled "ghost ship" the Flying Dutchman, and run afoul of
treacherous modern day pirates. The Captain was last reported sailing
through the Bermuda Triangle in 1973. Alas he has not been heard from
since, but the Bay family still has hope that he will return home someday.
Every one of his adventures has yielded a priceless find that you can now
enjoy... while remaining on dry land.



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